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Sales Mobility: Quotas Untethered

by Employee on ‎04-18-2011 11:25 AM (1,213 Views)


Still on the fence about taking your Sage ACT! solution mobile?  Check out this informative Aberdeen Group white paper, titled Sales Mobility: Quotas Untethered, by Analyst Peter Ostrow.


Ostrow discusses the results from a Fall 2010 study of 269 organizations that have deployed sales mobility initiatives, noting the best practices of best-in-class organizations and the tangible business results garnered. 


Ostrow highlights these statistics and others regarding companies that support their sales staff with mobile initiatives:


  • 65% of sales reps are achieving their annual sales quotas, compared to 54% average
  • 5.2% average year-over-year increase in customer retention rates, compared to .7% average
  • 3.3% year-over-year increase in sales lead conversion rates, versus .2% average
  • 83% sales forecast accuracy vs. 44% average

The survey results show that firms enjoying Best-in-Class performance share several common characteristics, including:


  • 87% enable synchronization of calendars, contacts, events and/or tasks
  • 78% support remote viewing of and modification of key CRM sales information (accounts, opportunities, etc.)


Ostrow concludes by outlining the steps and strategies that organizations at all levels of maturity can take to become mobile-enabled and enjoy the operational and financial benefits that follow.


Check out this informative white paper – and when you’re ready to go mobile, check out Sage Mobile for ACT! and begin your free trial today!