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#SageACT 2011 on the front line.

by on ‎10-08-2010 10:54 AM (2,398 Views)

Sales side, the magical call, very few customer or existing users understand the power of Sage ACT! 2011.  Customers call in does not have ACT!, still on spreadsheets BUT is evaluating several CRM’s.  What differentiates ACT! from the rest.  Believe it or not it’s our reps ability to sniff out the pain.  Yes Pain!  We don’t talk about speeds and feeds, we talk about; why did you call me today, what’s happening inside your business that you’re looking at ACT!?  Yes, we play doctor until satisfied that we can fix the customers pain, traditional, not really. Far too often we could talk about new features, specific integrations, PRICE, but we stay away and disqualify the customer first.  In almost every case we know if ACT! is a fit for their business within five minutes.  NOW it’s time for speeds, feeds, and professional services.  In the end we solve a business need within budget and welcome another client into the Sage family.  Way to go Sage Employee on the front line. ACT! 20011, #SageACT heals again…