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Sage E-marketing for ACT! grows up

by on ‎10-19-2010 01:02 PM (926 Views)

I believe strongly in the premise that contact management and E-marketing (that is, automated customer communication through email and other media) are best done simultaneously and in the same system.  You'll find this priciple in much of our collateral and messaging about Sage ACT! in general and Sage E-marketing for ACT! in particular.


An email campaign that presumes nothing about the recipient and merely attempts to seduce the reader to click a link is about as useful as, well, SPAM.  And a database full of contacts with name, phone and email addresses but none of the interaction data and information you can get from an email service provider, is also a little flat.  Email marketing, if used properly, can give you a TON of information about your customers (when do they open emails? what type of content gets them to read more? how frequently are they willing to respond?) that can best be utilized in some sort of contact manager such as ACT!, with the ability to create dynamic groups, perform advanced lookups, store history, etc.  If ever there was a case of 1 + 1 = 3, well, this is it.


WIth the launch of Sage ACT! 2011, Sage E-marketing for ACT! begins to fulfull this promise in earnest.  The service itself has been improved with a new editor, that includes several enhancements to make content creation easier, including the ability to launch email templates as landing pages!  In addition, we've integrated Sage E-marketing for ACT! with the new Smart Task feature in Sage ACT! 2011, so you can use E-marketing automation in much more powerful ways.  All in all, Sage E-marketing for ACT! used with Sage ACT! 2011 is a very powerful solution for communicating effectively with your contacts.


If you'd like to learn more about how to use these two tools as a single solution, signup for our webcast on October 27th. Hope to see you there!