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Sage Business Care

by on ‎12-02-2010 12:15 PM (2,526 Views)

As time seems to go by faster and faster (depending on age) so do business plans and processes.  What I mean is think back a decade ago, has your business needed an engine tweak?  What about your customers.  If you’re running efficiently you know your customers sometimes better than they know themselves.  Seems like every 6 months there is a new and faster phone, media device, even automobile manufacturers are putting out 400 hp vehicles.  I’m all for that.  But let’s get back the subject, M&S.  Do customers need it?   Is it worth it?  If I’m the buyer, why should I spend 50% of product cost on M&S.   Here’s why…. Blink and the next more efficient, faster, expensive and sophisticated product is out.  It’s like we can’t slow down and enjoy what we have anymore.  Who keeps electronics more than 2 years?  If you want speed, you need to tweak your engine, if you tweak your engine you need people that can do the tweaking.  When you tweak, that engine needs more fixing because it’s always being pushed to its limits with something new around the corner to make it go faster.  So should I buy M&S???? I wish there was a program where I could trade in my new Corvette every year and get the new one for ½ price with bumper to bumper coverage. 


This IS business today, ACT! 20011, #SageACT M&S is necessary as product / service is consistently changing, becoming more complex, and faster than ever.


Stay current, Stay supported.