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Sage ACT! 2011 Technology Upgrade

by Employee ‎10-28-2010 09:47 AM - edited ‎10-28-2010 11:08 AM (2,445 Views)

Sage ACT! has leveraged the Microsoft .NET runtime for 7 major releases now.  Among other benefits, .NET has enabled the Sage ACT! development community to easily create add-ons and extend Sage ACT! products using a powerful framework and popular toolset.   With Sage ACT! 2011 comes an upgraded underlying platform:  NET 3.5 SP1, from .NET 2.0.  While this might sound like a major upgrade, it’s important to note .NET 3.5 is additive to .NET 2.0.  Hence, there are no compatibility issues with previous Sage ACT! add-ons built on .NET 2.0.  On the contrary, there are major additional capabilities that come with .NET 3.0 and greater for Sage ACT! add-on developers:


-          Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

-          Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

-          Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)


WPF is an effective graphic subsystem and enables developers to create user interfaces using a more modern programming model.


WCF enables developers to more easily create and connect web services.


Last but not least, WF lets developers define and execute workflows.  While all of these new technologies are utilized in Sage ACT! 2011, WF is the most notable:  this is the technology that supports Smart Tasks, and developers can create Custom Smart Task Steps or create complete custom workflows using this technology.


There’s a host of other enhancements in .NET 3.5, including programming language enhancements.  If you are planning on developing a Sage ACT! add-on, or improving your existing add-on, I hope some of these new capabilities help to improve your development experience and productivity. 


Keep creating great Sage ACT! add-ons!