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Sage ACT! 2011 – Acquiring customers cost effectively #SageACT

by on ‎08-04-2010 12:09 PM (4,152 Views)

I love chatting with Sage ACT! customers, and I’ve had the pleasure recently to make calls into Sage ACT! 2011 Beta participants.  On one of my calls the customer was super excited to start using Sage ACT! 2011 and Sage Business Info Services and Sage ACT! E-Marketing.  As he explained, for many businesses now is a time to explore new customer acquisitions using cost effective and affordable marketing and communication mediums.  

Sage Business Info Services provides access to millions of businesses and not just “big businesses”, lots of local growing businesses apply for DUNS numbers for credit support or exposure.  With the query tools available for Sage Business Info Services it’s easy to find businesses you want to interact with and import into Sage ACT! at a very affordable monthly service price.  

Often, once prospects are in a system it’s difficult to gain full value of these contacts because of all of the communications, introductions , and awareness needed to establish a relationship take time and this contact information loses its accuracy over time.  With Sage ACT! E-Marketing you can begin to gain value from all of these new prospects by using DRIP Marketing and scaling your interactions across all of these contacts in short order.

The combination of Sage Business Info Services and Sage ACT! E-Marketing allows businesses to implement an effective and easy to manage a good size marketing campaign without the costs overheads often associated with marketing.  It’s the affordable, easy to use way help grow a business.  I certainly understand the appeal of that!   

on ‎08-04-2010 05:21 PM

Can anyone tell me if the Drip features in ACT! 2011 are "intelligent".  Specifcally, when I send email as part of a Drip campaing and some opens my email and clicks through, is the process smart enough to do something else that is more aligned with advancing the prospecting cycle instead of simply sending the next sequenced drip?  At the risk of being too granular, if someone opens the first of 2 links I may want to talk about product "A" but if someone opens the second link - I may want to tell him/her more about the service we offer.  Such "intelligence" allows me to tailor messages based on what's interesting to prospect.

on ‎08-11-2010 04:57 PM

Hi Scott,


That's a great question!  As a matter of fact, that's one of the coolest things about the drip marketing functionality inside Sage E-marketing for ACT! - it can be programmed to create very intelligent campaigns!  Much more so than many other comparably-priced solutions on the market.


When you design drip campaigns, you can easily filter the contacts that will be sent a particular email based on database criteria, previous stage actions, or both.  For example, I could create a filter that would send an email only if 'Create Date' is less than 5 days ago.  No matter how many contacts are sync'd to that campaign, only those who were created in the last 5 days will get that email.  All of my ACT! fields are available to design stage filters from.


I can also filter based on a previous stage's actions.  So if the contact didn't open any of the previous emails, or did open a particular email (or opened and clicked), then the next stage is executed for that contact.


Lastly, I can design a call list stage or a transfer stage that will use the same filters mentioned above to create a call list and prioritize them by their current score, or move them to another drip campaign.  That allows me to take ACT!ion (pun intented) at any particular point in the campaign.


This gives users a lot of flexibility to design campaigns exactly the way they want them.


Thanks for asking, Scott.