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Please submit a review of our software: Firsthand accounts from actual people who have used a product or service provide powerful credibility

by ‎08-25-2011 09:47 AM - edited ‎09-01-2011 10:23 AM (2,909 Views)

Word of mouth marketing is a proven way of driving sales activity. Today, most of us turn to the web to research new purchases, read user reviews of restaurants we want to check out, and get the scoop on service providers. Firsthand accounts from actual people who have used a product or service provide powerful credibility and is in some cases, more influential on our decision to buy than any marketing campaign. Increasingly, prospects want proof that you and your solution can do what you say. Recent research shows that 77% of adults use the internet as an information source when shopping for products or services.


We’re always looking for ways to get customer feedback on our products, and to help get the word out about them too. One of the ways we get that feedback is via ratings and reviews in various spots. This content can be invaluable in helping prospective customers research and educate themselves on our products. Current customers can benefit from reading what others have to say about the newest version, helping them along in the upgrade process. Ratings and reviews are really useful to all of us here as well. We use the feedback to help us improve our product features and processes, and correct misperceptions about the products. By referencing particularly useful and positive comments within our marketing assets, they even help promote our products. So, needless to say, we’re very enthusiastic about this type of content.


One of the places that reviews are useful to us from a visibility and helpfulness standpoint is on a site called Software Advice. They list our products and people can get details about the products via this site. In the spirit of full disclosure, we use these folks as a vendor and also get leads for new prospects from this site. One thing they’ve told us—and we agree—is that reviews of the product are some of the most insightful content for readers on their site. And we know that our customers can definitely speak to our products better than anyone in a voice people want to hear! So, to that end, we’d love to have you post a review of our products (Sage ACT!, Sage CRM, and Sage SalesLogix) on the site to make it a more meaningful content resource. We realize not all reviews that make it up there will be 100% positive, but constructive criticism is valuable too, so we’re looking for any and all feedback. Thanks for the help and great information to come!


Post your review here:

Sage ACT!
Sage SalesLogix
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