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Personalizing ACT! to work the way you work

by on ‎03-14-2011 11:48 AM (4,559 Views)

For a lot of sales people scheduling a call in ACT! is a little different from doing outbound sales calls.  Sales calls can be hit or miss, and in a lot of cases the default action is to leave a voice mail and schedule a future attempt to reconnect.  I create a "Sales Call" activity type in ACT! and set up some of the more common results:


  • Completed
  • Left Voice Mail
  • Wrong Number


And I set the Left Voice Mail as the default so when I clear an activity of this type it auto sets to this result for this activity type.  This saves me lots of time because I always leave the same voice mail whenever I'm doing sales calls, so I can just clear the activity and have ACT! reflect the left voice mail result very quickly to get to my next sales call.


If you've never setup your own activity type go to the Schedule menu and select the Manage -> Activity Types... option


Add your own Activity type and results then when you set up future activities just make them this activity type.  I've attached my "Sales Call" activity type configuration as a screen capture in this posting.  The nice part is that the feature also lets you use your own icon for the activity type so it shows up as a distinct activity in the ACT! calendar.


I also create Activity types for work I need to do for my own benefit, like expense reports.  Because you can select configure multiple results (expense report submitted, expense paid, etc..) I can specify the state of any activity related to an expense report.  Also the History filter options allow you to filter by your custom activity types so when I want to see all Expense histories, I can quickly see the dates and results of each expense under My Record in ACT!.


I love it when ACT! works for me!







by Bronze Elite Contributor
on ‎03-16-2011 06:37 AM

Some great examples on custom activities, Allen.  We use about eight custom activities but our most popular are PCalls (Priority Calls that MUST be made today) and Accounting (invoices, quotes, payment reminders.) 


There are many free resources to obtain custom icons that more easily identify your custom activities in task lists and calendars.


I'd be remiss to also not recommend Exponenciel's free ACT addon "New History Window Fix" (Google what's in quotes to find it.)  This is a great tool to set your own choice of default activity type and result when recording history of an activity completed.  It can be changed on the fly too, which is perfect when blasting through a bunch of followup, requalify or cold-call actvities.

on ‎07-07-2011 06:45 AM

Hi, Paul here in New Jersey, USA.  I understand it but can't make it work.


I see on the menu  Manage -> Activity Types... option and add Sales call = left message anf follow up in 8 calendar days but #1 it does not show up nor default to it.  (obviously).


Can you try to detail it in a more detailed step by step?

I am using  2011 but testing something else.


Paul 732.241.0800