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Our 3 top tools for automating RSS syndication of the Sage ACT! Journal #SageACT

by on ‎09-29-2010 01:46 PM (4,256 Views)

I’ve tried every trick in the book, but I just can’t figure out how to get more hours in my day.  I guess sleep really is essential to productivity (sorry, team), so I revisited my Daily To-Do list for efficiency and prioritization.  And, I wondered what tools you might be using.  Maybe you have something in your back pocket you can share with the community.


As you all know, technology and software is constantly changing, and you can get lost for hours testing a trial product just to figure out if it solves a challenge or saves you time.  In social media the speed at which new tools are introduced can be downright overwhelming.  So, I thought I would share 3 our time-saving productivity tools for social media blog syndication.


Our Sage ACT! Journal is posted here, and shared on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, and Plaxo.


1.  Hootsuite – This tool is AWESOME in so many ways.  We use it to monitor activity in Twitter & Facebook, and for workflow by assigning items to support and other key team members.  And, it helps us automate our blog posts by using the community RSS feeds to post new content to twitter.






























2.  RSS Graffiti – Seriously, you wouldn’t even believe how many RSS products I tested as Facebook apps to get a product that posts reliably on a fan page.  There are other tools out there that work great for regular profiles, but if you have a company FanPage, check out RSS Graffiti.





Tip:  Log in to Facebook as the account you use to administer your Fan Page.  Go to the RSS Graffiti Fan Page, select “Add to my Page” and a pop-up will allow you to select the pages you manage. 





















Once you have added the application, you can setup RSS Graffiti by going into edit your Fan Page.  You will have RSS Graffiti inserted under Applications.



3. – This is a great tool to post updates to multiple sites in real time or by RSS feed.   In our environment, we use HootSuite to send our RSS feed to, and then sends updates out to Plaxo.  You can use this tool to post to Facebook Fan Pages too, but we have experienced interruptions in service with updates to Facebook.  Since RSS Graffiti  was written specifically for Facebook, we find it more reliable as new update roll out.



I hope you find this information helpful.  Feel free to post any thoughts or experiences that you think will benefit others that are leveraging social media.  And, please don’t be shy.  Include any cool tools, and how you use them.  Hubspot users, I totally expect to hear from you!


Have a great day.