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Open Rate or Trash #emailmarketing #email #betterinteractions

by Employee on ‎04-14-2014 10:06 AM (6,767 Views)

With my best effort to be a good product focused contributor, I manage multiple email addresses with different handles to evaluate other software companies nurture streams, renewal communications, upgrade positioning, etc.  The observations from that data capture is for another post, but my work email and my personal email are one in the same and consumed through one single account.  I wade through hundreds of emails a day and rarely open emails from senders that are not employees, customers, partners or mom, but when I do, there is a reason why.



Of course, I need a copper core saucier with my order of Kitchen Confidential.  Good database marketers know what products/services will pique my interest.  In the same way Amazon understands what you have purchased and recommends items worth looking at, I will open and read email messages that are relevant to prior interactions.  Whether you are selling goods or services, a highly relevant email referencing what we’ve done together and how additional offerings could strengthen that relationship will have a much higher engagement than an offer that has nothing to do with what we’ve done in the past.  Increase engagement by referencing how we’ve engaged.



In Colorado, we have roughly two weeks before the snow runoff turns the rivers to chocolate milk.  The month of May is the mud season and a difficult time to hook native trout.  I will get up and walk out of a board meeting to read an email about fly patterns that are more visible in cloudy waters.  Seriously.  Your contacts have different consumption patterns throughout the year.  It is important to understand these patterns and communicate to the right targets when it matters most to them.


Subject Line and From Address

RE: Slides for tomorrow, from Champ Bailey.  I’ve never communicated with Champ outside of yelling at him through my TV for getting burned in the super bowl, so why is he replying to my email.  This may work for some, but I immediately delete any message that comes through from someone I don’t know that looks like they are replying to a message I sent them.  Additionally, It should be marketing 101, but don’t send messages from info@ or marketing@ or admin@, if they don’t get caught in my spam filter, they will quickly find the trash.



Knowledge significantly tips the value scale over discounts and promotions for me.  I am likely to delete emails from my favorite brands if they are based on promotion and I am not in the market for their offerings.  However, when a message delivers information that uses their brand as an advocate for a story, I am much more likely to consume and probably forward to friends that would be interested.  Take a break from discounting and develop an infographic about your user base or include information from relevant news articles in your industry and you’ll be surprised by the increase in engagement.


I will part with a reminder to any business looking to get the attention of their contacts via email that your email is one of hundreds that contact is receiving today.  It is worth embarking on an exercise to think about what you are sending to whom and when. 

Happy sending and here’s to better interactions leading to more transactions.


How does your business attract the attention of your contracts in emails? Please share here!