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Notes from a #Swifty #ACTCRM #Swiftpage

by ‎05-16-2013 07:25 AM - edited ‎05-16-2013 07:26 AM (7,219 Views)

Recently the ACT! product line was purchased by one of our partners, Swiftpage.


Read an FAQ about the transition here.


After working on the ACT! product for the last 8 years, I’ve now been a Swiftpage employee for almost 2 months. For the first time in my career with ACT! I believe in our executive team. This isn’t meant to degrade my previous bosses, but to highlight how special what I see in our leaders today.


John Oechsle, CEO and Bob Ogdon, Chairman and Founder recently gave a presentation to our business partners, the new Swiftpage Nation. They expressed the Swiftpage values of communication, fun, and delighting customers and had me saying to myself “I am a Swifty!” I’ve always been passionate, fun, and honest in my work and communications and in the past it has felt like that was a problem. Today, I feel empowered to communicate with our customers more effectively and in ways that show more compassion and real integrity. They set strategy goals like looking to large customer aggregators like Hibu and and leveraging our large and competent certified consultant base to give a local touch where it is needed. I was hanging on my seat when a partner asked “What of this news can we talk about?” When the answer was we want you to talk about all of this, it will generate the buzz we need, I uncontrollably cheered. This is building trust that the values that we easily showcase are being followed.  “HoooRah!”


Dan Ogdon, General Manager and Allen Duet, VP of Product Management followed with specific details on our goals to reach massive growth targets with these new distribution channels and hot technologies in a way that made me believe that the transformative growth is attainable. Dan was quick to apologize in a marketing misstep that left our business partners out of the loop. I have never seen an executive apologize to the channel before. It floored me how humble and willing to grow he presented himself. Not corporate-speak, but honest dialog. Throughout our interactions I’ve seen our management team be completely open to new ideas, trusting leaders and partners, and be willing to change when logic prevails even if that means losing a little face. Again this is building trust that the values are more than a corporate statement, but are truly a framework that tough decisions are guided by.


This has me thinking about what good leadership can do. A good leader is a visionary and a cheerleader. They make the people around them feel like they can accomplish anything. They have the intelligence to know how to describe what we want and why we want it and let their team dictate how it can be done.  


We are quickly building an amazing new company that I am delighted to be a part of. I truly believe that we can accomplish anything. I can’t wait to see what comes next.



on ‎05-16-2013 10:19 AM

Transparency.  Honesty.  Accountability.  And all this from the executive team?  Talk about "delighting customers."  Wow! 


Benjamin, your enthusiasm is contagious.  I hope these things are truly a permanent part of the Swiftpage corporate culture, because if they are, it could really have a positive impact on all of us -- customers, consultants, partners, et al. 


I am hopeful -- ! 



by Bronze Elite Contributor
on ‎05-18-2013 01:35 AM

Ben - That is the most exciting and positive statement made with such honesty and openness that I've seen in all my career spanning several decades!


Thank you for sharing it so eloquently.


I'm looking forward to our first ACT! partners (UK Swifties!) meeting in the UK with our new leaders.


Bring it on!