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New radio spot — take a listen

by on ‎01-18-2012 07:31 AM (1,210 Views)

We tried out a new medium—satellite radio—for us this past year in our marketing efforts to complement all the other direct marketing tactics we employ. While the specific measurement is challenging for it, we monitor key performance indicators (KPI) such as call volume, branded term search volume (non-paid), website traffic, conversion rate, etc. to determine the effectiveness. Our KPIs have made a modest trend upward, and while there could be many things that have contributed to it, we felt like that was a good indicator to continue testing out this target-rich medium.


I’ve mentioned before that there are so many ways to segment in satellite radio that it can seem a little daunting; but as I also said before, “narrowing it down involves a little science and a lot of art.” We again have chosen news, talk, and sports as our primary stations that we think help us reach our primary audiences the best.


Be on the listen for our new radio spots on satellite radio. But, you can also take a listen here too.


Sage ACT! radio spot