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My Favorite Features in #SageACT!

by on ‎11-15-2010 08:40 AM (4,237 Views)

I had an opportunity to talk to some Sage Certified Consultants last week about Sage ACT!.  These were not Sage ACT! Certified consultants, they were certified in other products, and they wanted an introduction to Sage ACT!.  As I talked to them about the core value of Sage ACT! and what it can do to help users get more organized and grow their business, I was reminded of a couple of my favorite features.  Frequently in these blog posts, we focus on the newest and most exciting feature in Sage ACT!, but my favorite features have been there for quite a while:  Email attachment and dynamic groups.


Email attachment is one of those features in Sage ACT! that I think probably makes someone into an  Sage ACT! fanatic.  If you’ve ever been on the phone and just *know* you sent someone an email but you can’t find it in your sent folder, you probably know what I’m talking about.  Once you have set up email integration using the wizard in Sage ACT!, every email you send it automatically attached back to your contacts in Sage ACT!, no extra work required.   I personally use Outlook to send emails (as do almost 90% of ACT! users) and I love that while I’m busy in Outlook, Sage ACT! is quietly attaching everything to my contact records so that when I’m on that tough call, all I have to do is look up my contacts and quickly find the emails.  Outlook is a fantastic email tool, but it’s not so great at keeping me organized!


Dynamic groups are another of my favorite features.  All I have to do is set the criteria for my group (contacts with a status ID = Friend or Family, for instance) and every time I enter a new contact with that criteria, my group expands to encompass that new contact.  This is critical for me when I’m creating mailing labels, sending out an email blast using Sage ACT! E-Marketing, or need to associate a document with a specific group of contacts.  Without dynamic groups, sending out Christmas cards to my family or organizing meetings  with Sage ACT! Certified Consultants would take a lot more time. 


These are just two of the features in Sage ACT! that I can’t live without, what are your favorites?

by Copper Contributor
on ‎11-16-2010 06:04 AM

Katherine. I hope I'm allowed to post, since I am an ACT! CC. :-) I think you hit the nail on the head. It's often the more prosaic features that turn out to be more valued on a daily basis by the user.  Sage added big new features in 2011 like Sage Business Services for leads and Smart Tasks for workflow. Those are great to help grow a business and streamline productivity.


But to make everyday life easier, (and keeping my favorites to just two):  I love that (1) Sage ACT! can now import directly from Excel without having to reformat data and (2) ACT! Histories can be filtered for the exact history type on the history tab. That level of control for the user is such a huge improvement, I'm surprised it wasn't promoted as one of the major upgrade features in 2011. Keep those usability features coming!