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Most Innovative Use of Sage ACT! Contest: The Votes Are In! #SageACT

by on ‎08-25-2011 08:20 AM (933 Views)

Last month, we held our first ever Facebook contest, “Most Innovative Use of Sage ACT!”.  As I mentioned in my previous blog, we had well over 300 entries where customers shared all the fabulous ways they are using Sage ACT!.  After narrowing it down to just 10 finalists, we left the tough decision up to you to vote for your favorites on our Facebook page. And, vote you did! There were many worthy contenders for the top prize of a free copy of Sage ACT!, but when the dust finally settled, we had a clear winner - the musical team of Coco and Lafe, aka, “Follow the Harvest”.


Follow the Harvest did have some stiff competition from runner’s up Channel Islands Social Services, SAIC and Vacation Visions. Each runner up will receive a 1-year subscription to Sage Anytime Learning.


Congratulations to all! Here’s a look at the champion and runner’s up entries:


The Champion: Follow the Harvest


“We're a singer/songwriter duo on our third year of touring farmers markets nationally sponsored by Real Time Farms. Our booking agent imports the appropriate markets from the USDA's list of 6200 markets into Sage ACT!. Our publicist then pulls the press contacts from The Indie Bible into Sage ACT!. We enter our fan base and industry contacts. Touring ocean to ocean, playing at over 100 markets each year, the database grows more valuable each year and saves us immense amounts of time and energy. We've recommended it to many musicians on industry forums, and they are amazed.”


Runner up: Channel Islands Social Services


“We began using Sage ACT! in 2005 when we launched our organization. We provide in-home respite care, similar to childcare, to over 600 families who have a child with a developmental disability. We would definitely not be as successful today if it were not for our ability to customize our Sage ACT! database. We use it to identify which families need help and when, and then which of our staff are available to meet their specific needs. We use it to track all of our important Human Resource information and dates as well. Sage ACT! has been the most invaluable tool we use to help us help our customer families!”


Runner up: SAIC


“During the largest National Level Emergency Management exercise "New Madrid Seismic Zone Earthquake" ever conducted in the United States I used Sage ACT! 2011 to track personnel and contacts at multiple sites using the Department and ID Status fields in Sage ACT! 2011. This provided the capability of tracking thousands of individuals 24/7 over an entire week at private sector, county, state and federal agencies that were entering and leaving the exercise at multiple locations throughout the State of Missouri (1 of 3 states playing functional/full-scale level) The exercise was a huge success and two days later the same teams that were exercised during the week ended up deployed to Joplin, MO to respond to the tornado that devastated the community. The exercise the week before was given partial credit for the success of the response teams that deployed to the emergency. Sage ACT! 2011 was an integral part in providing Missouri communications directories that were used in a larger Federal format to track all of the States during the exercise.”


Runner up: Vacation Visions


“I use Sage ACT! as my main database and CRM for my travel agency business. I like it because I can find and add information quickly by company name, client or supplier name, phone #, e-mail--you name it. I set alarms to remind me when it's time to do final payment for clients to make sure that they get the trip of their dreams--wherever that might be. I capture information such as dates of birth, legal names, seat preferences on airlines, past trips taken, room and budget, preferences, future trip prospects, etc. My clients are always impressed when they call back to book a trip that I have "remembered" their important details. I also use it to market to clients by categorizing them and then being able to pull select records for custom e-marketing campaigns. I could not run my travel business without Sage ACT! as I fly all over the world and need to access my client's information from wherever I might be. Sage ACT! has never let me down!”


Thank you to everyone who shared their Sage ACT! story and participated in voting.