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Merging E-marketing with Social Media

by on ‎05-19-2011 10:26 AM (2,979 Views)

Social media, in a sense, is no more than an extension of what we used to refer to as portals or aggregation site. If you ask someone to define social media, they will typically give you an example, like Facebook or Twitter. Is it really that hard to define? Or is social media the pattern of how information is transmitted and digested, according to the person doing the digesting or transmitting.


E-mail is a channel. So is Facebook, and Twitter and LinkedIn and whatever other social media example you want to provide (and there are dozens, or hundreds, I know. Thousands if you include "private" social media. Media is a plural word, after all). Information and channel are separate but inseparable - a company can advertise the same message over radio and TV, but they do it differently (just ask Coca-Cola or Anheuser Busch). The same with you - would you compose the same message over Twitter and Facebook? Here's the more important question: are the customers you reach via Facbeook the same as those you reach through Twitter? If not, why not? And how are you going to find out?


That's what E-marketing really means. Social media are new forms of digesting and transmitting information, not new information. With Sage E-marketing, we're looking at evolving ways to help you deliver your message across multiple channels effectively. But we can't answer the questions that are specific to your business, like the differences between your customers who like you on Facebook and those who read your tweets. Can you?


I'd like to hear your thoughts on the research you're doing relative to the various social media that connect you to your customers. please post a reply or email me privately.


Paul Buckley

Senior Product Manager