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Marketing, Social Lead Cloud Services - Guest Analyst Blog by Denis Pombriant #SageACT

by ‎01-22-2013 07:57 AM - edited ‎01-30-2013 03:20 PM (6,897 Views)

Denis provides consulting services for Sage and here provides his perspective on the CRM industry and emerging trends in general.


One of the true benefits of the cloud, and of orienting your business and your software towards it, is that there is so much help out there. In the old days, if you wanted a particular kind of application support, you had to buy it and that often meant buying more than you wanted or needed. You would buy the application, of course, and then you’d have to ensure you had sufficient disk, memory, CPU and application stack (database, middleware, operating system) Ah! The good old days!


But today, you can just as easily buy services rather than products, which is much more cost effective and efficient. For pennies you can get access to sophisticated services like marketing, social media, email marketing, analytics and more.  The plethora of solutions and their low price tags has meant that even small, resource-constrained companies could afford to use some of the same tools that their larger competitors use. Pundits say we’re all the same size on the Internet and that’s part of what they mean.


Marketing might be the strongest example of cloud-based applications enhancing business. There are many examples of marketing applications that you can access in the cloud--including social apps and email marketing for instance. 


Email marketing is something of an art that goes way beyond simply hitting send or making cool artwork. You know that individuals and companies have forcefields in place to ward off unwanted approaches. Email services vendors not only take care of the delivery of potentially thousands of pieces, but the good ones also help you avoid the problems that get your email rejected.


Social media is a still budding field and there are new applications coming to market seemingly weekly. Each addresses a different business problem that a vendor may or may not have so the ability to try something from the ‘Net in your business for a small fee instead of buying a big license, is very attractive.


Significant communities grow up around many cloud services too and that means you can usually find advice about how to do something, or how to handle a simple problem, much quicker than you can sometimes get support through conventional means. Many cloud services even have communities of expert consultants who will assist you for a fee and then vanish without leaving a trace on your payroll.


So, using cloud services is often the route to marketing success. And for small companies, juggling budgets and personnel, cloud services represent a good deal because you can get them when you need them, and you don’t have to worry about paying for them when they're not in use. Finally, cloud services also enable even a small company to access sophisticated tools and techniques and compete effectively with larger contenders.


Denis Pombriant is a well-known analyst and thought leader in the CRM space. He contributes to CRM Magazine, Destination CRM, Search CRM, CRM Buyer as well as his own website and blog. He conducts research in emerging areas of front-office technology and business, and he consults regularly to many of the leading companies in CRM.




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