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Managing Focus

by on ‎04-04-2011 11:52 AM (993 Views)

The Sage ACT! Product Management team uses Sage ACT! 2011 in an interesting way - we've customized ACT! so that opportunities are the projects, initiatives and efforts the team owns and advances every day.  


Having this information in a single place helps us collaborate, communicate and report on the ongoing status of these items.  Sage ACT! 2011 also helps us share work amongst resources who need to be away from work or out of the office for any period of time - any other Product Manager can step in and gain context and status on a project and pitch in to advance it.


The primary benefit of organizing our efforts in this way has been the ability for the whole team to see all of the projects and initiatives we have and to create focus on the core items of importance to the team and the company.  All too often in business our best intentions are interrupted by the day to day, gotta get done activities.  Having a view of what we collectively did as a team in any given day and seeing how little an important initiative or project advances really gives urgency and focus on those opportunities.  Ultimately that's what these projects and initiatives are - opportunities to change the business, to grow as an organization.  


When we customized Sage ACT! and began using it I was tempted to rename Opportunities to Projects, but in retrospect keeping them named Opportunities in Sage ACT! was just right.