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Managing Contact Sync Sets

by on ‎12-17-2010 11:23 AM (4,467 Views)

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Last week, you learned how to set up Contact sync between Sage ACT! and Microsoft Outlook. This week, you’ll learn how to customize which contacts get synchronized from Sage ACT! to Microsoft Outlook. If you do not want all of your Sage ACT! contacts added and synced to Outlook for example, you may want to create sync sets to control which contacts actually sync.

To Control Which Contacts Sync:

1.  Open Sage ACT!


2.  From the Tools menu, click Preferences.

        - Click the E-mail and Outlook Sync tab.

        - Click Outlook Synchronization Preferences.



3.  On the Synchronize Contacts tab, click Define Sync Sets




4.  In the Manage Outlook Contact Sync Sets window you may create, edit, delete or copy sync sets. Sync sets are based on queries that define criteria for locating contacts in your Sage ACT! database. The sync set is then used to determine which contacts will ultimately sync to Outlook. To create a new sync set, click the Create New Sync Set link in the Sync Set Tasks list.


5.  In the Outlook Contacts Sync Set Name and Description page, type a name and optionally a description of the sync set and then click Next.



        - On the Outlook Contacts Sync Set Users page, specify whether All current and future users of this database or only Selected users should be able to access contacts, and then click Next.



6.  On the Outlook Contact Sync Set Criteria page, select Define Sync Set criteria to limit the number of contacts that will be synchronized to Outlook when this sync set is selected.



7.  Click Next.



8.  To define sync set criteria, click Create Criteria.



9.  Using the Sync Set Criteria tool, build your criteria:

        - From the Field Name list, select a field to search on. 

        - From the Operator list, select an item, such as Equal To.

        - In the Value field, type or select from the list the specific data you are looking for.



        - To run the query, click OK.


10.  In the Manage Outlook Contacts Sync Sets page, click Next.


11.  Click Finish.


12.  Click Close to close the Manage Outlook Sync Sets window.


13.  In the Outlook Synchronization Preferences window, click OK.



14.  To synchronize activities or contacts between Sage ACT! Premium and Outlook immediately, click Yes.



on ‎05-02-2012 04:00 PM

This was a life saver for me! Thank you!!! I accidentally synced 11,000 contacts to my Outlook which caused a major s-l-o-w down of my outlook. Not a fun way to work. Thank you!!! I created a very small sync set and it worked!