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Making Every Customer Feel Special and Why it is More Important Than Ever

by on ‎02-17-2009 05:41 PM (4,262 Views)

In today's marketplace getting closer to your customers and building strong relationships with them is imperative to the success of your business. An essential aspect to relationship building is effectively managing those customer details and interactions.  A customer that is successfully managed and can be used as a reference is much more valuable than one that is not.  The difference between the two sometimes can be very subtle and is usually based in your companies ability to make each customer feel special.   In researching this subject, one particular article gave three steps to building customer relationships that I thought were valuable. 


1) determine mutually satisfying goals between your own organization and customers

2) establish and maintain customers rapport

3) produce positive feelings in the organization and the customers


Implementing a CRM/Contact management system helps you provide better service to your customers, reduces attrition rates, increases customer satisfaction, improves workflow and ultimately increases profits.  All of this stems from being able to better maintain and know the activities of your customers.  We all know it is less expensive to maintain current customers than to obtain new ones.  On average, customer databases deteriorate at a rate of 3% per month when not managed properly.  And an ignored or dissatisfied customer won't always complain, but rather sometimes just will disappear and may even do additional word of mouth damage.


Check out how some of our customers have used ACT! to make their customers feel special:


The Betty Brigade, a personal assistance and concierge service with 7 ACT! users had a goal of delivering a high level of service.  After implementing ACT! into their customer servicing process they now have the ability to keep complete client details all in one place accessible by everyone on staff, making all of their customers feel like they are unique.  They also use ACT! to analyze the demographics of current customers which allows for successful new targeting of prospects within their database. 


Another customer, Hawaii Real Estate, uses ACT! to make their customers feel special by recording personal details about their clients like hobbies and life events.  ACT! has also enabled them to use this information to do personalized marketing campaigns that have a higher success rate than generic templates.  According to their office manager Cecilia Whalquist " In our client database we track an entirely different set of characteristics the help us relate to and understand our clients."


These customers have found that through the use of ACT! they are able to make all of their customers feel special......are you doing the same?