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Make friends with Act! #ActCloud #CRM

by Employee on ‎04-02-2014 09:23 AM - last edited on ‎04-02-2014 01:24 PM by (4,199 Views)

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On some level, we are all visual learners.  There is something from a mnemonic perspective that makes the association of an image with a set of data/information easier to recall.  Maybe it’s the simplicity of how one image can be representative of hundreds of ideas or concepts, or maybe it’s the ability that an image has to evoke emotion or sentiment.  Either way - pictures matter, faces matter, people matter.  Good or bad, we look at someone or something and we are triggered to do or feel something.  Maybe we feel the excitement of an opportunity or experience fear and anxiety - but we feel.  And we seemingly always remember that association.
People are at the center of our lives and our daily transactions and interactions.  Traditional contact management made people uniform, serial, a collection of ones and zeroes.  Is that how you see them? Is that what is elicited when you think of the people that have entered into your life - business or otherwise?  Coming soon, Act! Cloud will redefine how we view contact management and emarketing by placing people back in the center of both and letting you grow your relationships and business from there.  Consolidate people from your flat contact lists into one dynamic view that lets you record details of interactions, create events and appointments, create unique groups views and even incorporate aspects of social media.  We’ve made contact management and emarketing better just by making them simple and visual.  Spread your message to people, not a file.  Create feelings, not just emails.  Grow your business, not just your to-do list.
Make friends with Act! Cloud.  
Watch our new video:
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