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Lowering Stress as a Sales Manager by @jgolly1250

by Employee on ‎04-16-2014 12:16 PM (4,569 Views)

As a sales leader, I have learned emotions can be contagious. If you are a sales manager who consistently feels overwhelmed and stressed out, this can negatively impact your sales performance of your company, team, and push away customers. Stress has an impact on your interactions with others. The more effective you are at managing this stress, the more positively you will affect those around you.


So the question remains… How do you lower your stress so you can continue to encourage those around you and maintain your own sanity? There have been many articles written which give tips and answers to this questions. I am even going to give you a few pointers.


However, the fact still remains, the best way to lower your stress as a sales manager is to ensure your team is meeting and exceeding sales goals. A high performing sales manager is a happy sales manager. As you embark on your personal best, here are some personal and professional ways you can minimize stress along the way.


Exercise, eat right, and get enough sleep:



  • Even though you may be tired or mentally fatigued from a full day’s work, exercise can be a powerful stress reliever and get rid of tension built up during the day. Based upon your schedule, it may even be best if you work out before starting your day. Any activity that raises your heart rate is highly effective in lifting your spirits, increasing energy, and sharpening your focus.
  • A proper diet and eating regularly can play a major factor in stress management. Even though it may be quick and easy to pick up a burger on the way to the next meeting, fatty, greasy foods, and too many carbs can leave you feeling lethargic. Also, make sure to not skip meals since low blood sugar can make you feel irritable. By eating small, frequent meals balanced with plenty of vegetables you will feel your best and stay alert.
  • Lack of sleep can leave you tired and in a bad mood which can cause you to miss details and limit the number of positive interactions with others. Aim to have a regular sleep schedule of 8 hours, and believe it or not, exercise and a good diet will help you sleep better.


Garbage in, Garbage Out:


  • Stay positive. This can be accomplished by reading motivational materials, books to improve your leadership or sales abilities, and smiling more. By staying inspired you will inspire others. Putting on a happy face can actually change your mental outlook and those you interact with will take notice. If you want to go all the way, make sure to laugh. Often.
  • Keep in mind the difference between top sales performers and those right below them is not education, skill set, or industry knowledge. The reality is top sales performers have fewer bad days in terms of their attitude towards work and their personal life.  

Focus on What You Can Control:

  • This is easier said than done, however, by staying organized, prioritizing your projects, and delegating you will be one step closer.  It was stated by a very famous sales guru, “Success is where preparation meets opportunity.”  This means by being prepared you will have more opportunity to drive success in your life and in the lives of others. 
    • Understand what you need to accomplish each day and utilize tools to help you organize and prioritize them by importance.  Regular communication with your management and direct reports will also help you know which initiatives to tackle first. 
    • The feeling of being overwhelmed is often created by ourselves.  While many of us own or are working in a small business there are often others we can rely on to bounce ideas off of and take on additional responsibility.  Delegating tasks to others will help you stay calm and be able to focus on the big stuff such as driving more revenue or growing your business.  Feel free to let go and see what happens….  You might just be surprised. 

These tips are just the start of the many ways we as humans can lower stress.  At the same time, all we may need is a start to get going down the right path. 


What are your favorite stress relievers?