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Locating Recently Modified Data #SageACT

by ‎10-22-2010 11:46 AM - edited ‎10-22-2010 11:47 AM (2,684 Views)

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Maintaining relationships with your contacts is a critical part of turning prospects into customers and customers into loyal fans. As your customer base grows and you get busy, it’s easy to forget about past customers and focus on new business. This week’s tip gives you a quick way to locate contacts who may have fallen off the radar due to inactivity. Conversely, you may want to locate contacts that you have actively been working to increase your efforts to close those opportunities.


To locate Contacts or Opportunities that have been modified recently or those that have not been worked on lately, you can use the Lookup feature to find Contacts, Opportunities, Notes, Histories and more based on a modification date. After you have located your contacts or opportunities, you can focus on re-engaging these contacts (in the case of inactive contacts) or increasing your marketing efforts to close sales with active accounts.

To Find Recently Modified Contacts:


1.  From within Sage ACT!, click the Lookup menu and select the Contact Activity… option.

2.  Within the “Contact Activity” screen:



     a.  In the “Look for Contacts that have:” box, select Not Changed  to locate records that have not changed or Changed to locate records that have changed.

     b.  In the “Since Date” box, select a date to start searching from.

     c.  In the “Search In” box, select one or more data areas to search:

             - The Contact fields option searches all contact fields you have access to.

             - The other options search Notes, Opportunities, Histories and Activities associated to contacts.
             - You can narrow the search of Histories and Activities by selecting specific types from the corresponding drop down list.


3.  Click OK to lookup records based on the above criteria.

4.  If you looked up contacts that have not changed, start your campaign to re-engage these customers/prospects. If you looked up contacts that have changed, increase your efforts to close open opportunities or turn these prospects into customers!