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Locating Recently Imported Data #SageACT

by on ‎10-15-2010 10:15 AM (3,072 Views)

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The last few weeks have covered the new import process pretty extensively. After you import data into Sage ACT!, you probably want to find it so you can begin working with those contacts! Over the next series of tips, you’ll see how you can use the Lookup menu or box to quickly locate records that have recently been imported, modified, or synced.


This week’s tip will focus on using the Lookup feature to quickly locate recently imported data. You might want to locate this data immediately following an import to verify your import worked as expected. Or, if you imported a list and are ready to fire-up an e-marketing campaign, you may need to locate those contacts prior to starting your campaign.


To Find Recently Imported Contacts:


  1.  Import your data (see earlier tips regarding Importing data for more information!).

  2.  From within Sage ACT!, click the Lookup menu and select the Other Fields… option.

  3.  Within the “Lookup Contacts” tool:



        a.  From the first drop down list of field names, select “Import Date”.

        b.  Next, select an Operator (Equal To (=), Within Last (days), etc.).

        c.  Then enter a value in the last box to complete the lookup.


  4.  Click OK to lookup records that have been imported within the timeframe specified!