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Live Online Q&A Session with the Act! Product Team IS LIVE NOW #Actv16QA #ActCRM

by on ‎09-18-2013 11:46 AM (3,413 Views)

prep.JPGHi Act! community!


As the Social Media and Community Manager for Swiftpage, I’m excited to be a part of the first ever Act! live Q&A session! It's LIVE RIGHT NOW. Please join us and ask your questions - our Product Managers, Ben Lederer and Guy Clack are here until 1pm PDT.


Here's a glimpse at my screens while preparing for today's event - multiple monitors set up to capture all your questions are very useful!


Don’t hold back – please post as often as you’d like – there’s no limit to the number of questions you can ask. 


Along with Ben and Guy, myself and Libby Donahue from our Marketing team will be online to assist with facilitating your questions.


Can’t wait to see all your questions!

on ‎10-01-2013 09:23 PM

Hi Guys,


I am attempting to update an ACT! 2013 Pro installation to v16 Pro HF2 on HP Laptop and keep getting rejected with an XP Compatability error during the pre install check phase.  Have checked that the XP compatibility settings are disabled and that there appears to be no instances of XP Compatibility active.


As I normally load and run the product as  Administrator during install am lost on why the install is shutting down. Already loaded to other PCs and workstation on client site with no issues.  Cannot find any other info on KB or other lookups.


Client running Win7 Pro OS with Office 2010 and ACT! 2013 Pro was running without issue. This laptop has databases that synch with Master and I need to get the conversion in place so client can work offsite.


Running ACT! v16 AU version with HF 2 for Asia Pacific 



Regards, Jim Penney

ActSoftware Limited

New Zealand  


‎10-02-2013 03:35 AM - edited ‎10-02-2013 03:38 AM

Hi Guys,

After much heartburn and a few more grey hairs I have been able to resolve the ACT! v16Pro problem.

It would appear that the installer in the V16 Pro version has different testing processes before installation which cause the installer to throw out the install on the assumption that there is an XP compatibility issue . 


After further attempts and confirming that the XP Compatibility was disabled, I decided to load in ACT! v16 Premium. It had an initial fit and wanted the system restarted but I modified the Control settings in registry to delete the pending file warning (Deleted it) and returned to installer. From there on it was a straight forward installation. I opened and downgraded the ACT! v16 Demo file to V16 Pro for a test then closed the program down.


Uninstalled ACT! v16 Premium but left all other ACT! related files in place.  Installed V16 without any blocking of the installer and was able to update four databases and synchronise them with the master databases on another machine.


Timely exercise but at least it worked . Perhaps you could check the v16 Pro installer code and rectify the problem!


Hope this helps with the issue and/or assists in a KB article to cover this apparent idiosyncrasy.



Now to address a new issue where ACT! v16 pro Installation and Setup has apparently changed registry settings associated with Outlook 2007 integration - preventing Outlook from opening!  No changes were made to Outlook during the setup other than identifying the ACT! Database to be used  for email management!  neither gmail or Outlook are synchronising  but the Outlook synchronises with gmail on google cloud apps.  Could be an integration issue.


Now looking for answers for client that wants to Run ACT! and synchronise his Outlook Calendar which he updates through his SmartPhone and has synchronising with his gmail. Wont change current processes at this stage and his Outlook has a few issues with alarms and tasks some uncleared for 2-3 years. You can imagine what that does to the ACT! Alarms and Alerts with recurring tasks not cleared. if you try to integrate.


Regards , Jim Penney

ActSoftware Limited  New Zealand