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Leads, leads, and more leads! #SageACT

by on ‎07-26-2010 11:18 AM (3,555 Views)

I wear a lot of hats around here, so I’m always juggling a lot of priorities. A lot of times, I put off starting my next marketing campaign or searching for new leads because I’m too busy responding to other demands from my business.


But since I’ve started using Sage ACT! 2011, I’m finding as many leads as I need by accessing Sage Business Info Services for ACT!. It’s powered by Hoovers™ which is the business research division of Dun & Bradstreet. Their database contains information about more than 65 million companies and 85 million people. Now that’s a whole lot of leads!


A basic version of the service was included with Sage ACT! 2011, but I upgraded so that I could access full business profiles, detailed financials, competitor information and other premium features.


It only takes a couple of minutes to pull a list of companies that match my key criteria:

-How about manufacturers in Columbus, OH?

-Or all hospitals within 100 miles of our office?

-Let’s try publicly traded companies with more than 500 employees, headquartered in California.


Well, you get the idea. There are endless combinations, so I can locate exactly the leads I need. And once I’ve refined my list, I quickly import it into Sage ACT! 2011 and start making contact with marketing campaigns and sales calls.


Sage Business Info Services for ACT! makes it so fast and easy to get new leads, that I am finding the time to test new markets and branch out. And that’s what growing my business is all about.