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Leadership All Around Us.

by Employee on ‎02-12-2009 07:14 AM (4,883 Views)

Leadership.  I hear others around me discussing this topic on almost a daily basis.  People talk about leadership abilities, leadership styles, characteristics of a good leader, etc.  It’s definitely an important topic, and one on which I spend a tremendous amount of time.  I find that in these trying times, all of us are looking for direction and it’s important to recognize the right leaders to get behind.  But there’s more to it than just looking for the right star to hitch your wagon to.


If you bottom line it, leadership is the act of leading, and leading implies that you are providing guidance to one or more individuals.  Many people assume that the capacity to lead is based on the title you hold within your business, or the position you fill in an organization where you participate.  This is a grave mistake; being provided a title doesn’t automatically bestow upon you leadership capacities.


Just understanding the simple definition gives clarity to where we can find leaders, and who can truly be a leader.  The answers are:  all around us, and we, in fact, should each strive to become leaders ourselves.  For instance, with the ACT! product line, I have been fortunate to have become associated with leaders from every level of the business. 


Many of our customer service representatives demonstrate fantastic leadership capabilities by taking ownership of a situation and ensuring that it comes to complete resolution, helping to demonstrate to me top-notch customer experiences.  Our product team is comprised of leaders who understand the needs of the market and work with their respective groups to deliver a feature-rich product.  And I’ve interacted with a few members of our vibrant certified consultant community who recognize the challenges that we face and instead of dwelling on the past, provide me with insight as to where opportunity lies and help guide me in the right direction.


I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by such great leaders, and to have the opportunity to lead and to help others lead the future of the ACT! product as well as our entire business.  I invite everyone who participates on this community to share your thoughts on leadership and how we can work together to ensure our mutual success.






on ‎03-06-2009 06:01 PM
I would add further that leadership means not asking permission but taking ownership.  Work with your customer whoever they are like you have a stake in their business and work smart to bring about a positive outcome.