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Lead nurturing before you have permission to email - Guest Blog by Annie Cooley

by on ‎12-07-2010 11:37 AM (4,908 Views)

Lead nurturing before you have permission to email

by Annie Cooley


A sneak peek into Swiftpages’ soon to be released Automated Marketing White Paper…

Swiftpage has a no tolerance SPAM policy that requires all email addresses are permission based. Permission based means that email addresses have been gathered by means of direct opt-in.  Individuals you are emailing must have directly requested information from you or your company.

Direct Mail and Telemarketing are the best methods of communicating with a lead until he/she is interested enough to engage in a less expensive email relationship.

A few ways you can utilize these other forms of communication include:

•    Perform a look up in your database to create a target list of leads that you do not have permission to email.

•    Contact the lead through direct mail. For example, send a postcard to your targeted list that features your product/service. Within the marketing piece include a call to action that instructs the recipient to visit the landing page that extends the message and includes a web form to gain permission to email or to purchase.

•    Make a profiling call to the lead. Find out if they want to be contacted immediately by a sales person, or if they want to be sent more information via email.

The results that you can look forward to include:

•    Have a list in your database of leads who want to be called immediately. Make sure that your sales team does call them in a timely manner.

•    Have a list of leads in your database who have asked for more information. This gives you permission to send them email. Create a series of automated marketing messages that educate your new prospect on the benefits and usage of your product/service over time (see below: Lead Nurturing Using Email).

Look out for our Automated Marketing White Paper soon. Please share any questions you would like to see answered within the white paper.

on ‎12-09-2010 12:58 PM

Hi Annie,

Thanks for the "heads up"   with things moving rapidly on all fronts, it is nice to get a quick update on issues like this