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Keep it Simple

by Employee on ‎10-18-2013 11:27 AM (4,910 Views)

keep-it-simple.jpgWe all have enough to worry about in our lives that we want the simple tasks to be kept simple.  Sometimes they’re just not. Recently, I had a particularly challenging experience changing an online password I’d forgotten. Even a visit to the “help” section proved well, unhelpful. Finally, after searching through a number of unintuitive menus and many clicks later, I found a preferences area that allowed me to update my password. Fancying myself somewhat savvy in the tech department as well as patient, I wondered, “If this was such a challenge for me, what would the experience be for someone who’s neither tech savvy nor patient?” Why risk customers abandoning your site and losing business over such things? Are you making it easy for customers to do business with your company?


Take the time to review your customer touch points to ensure that they are as simple as they should be. For instance, how easy is it to:


  • Navigate your website?
  • Log into your service or website?
  • Pay for your product or service?
  • Access your store or business’ parking?
  • Contact the different departments in your business like sales and customer support?


What are some of the customer touch points your company has that should be reviewed on a regular basis?