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Keep Your Communication Simple

by on ‎09-04-2013 10:42 AM (2,316 Views)

By Luke Siegle, Bright Peak Manager, Swiftpage


No matter your audience, purpose, or type of media; effective communication is simple. I received this email from AT&T recently about a new upgrade service that they are releasing that is both simple and functional.




What works?


  • Simple Design – The email design is mobile friendly which will render well for recipients reading the email on their smart phones or tablets – the main objective is upgrading said device. The best mobile friendly email designs are simple with a one column layout and larger text headlines, and larger call-to-actions for smart devices.
  • Simple Imagery – Everyone has a different device or two, offering several option in the main image encompasses a broader audience instead of over-targetingsuch as only showing Apple devices.
  • Simple Messaging – The message doesn’t overstate or understate. You know exactly what the purpose of the communication is, any caveats, and the next action to take. You can easily find additional information by store location, web or phone.

Are you leading by example? Audit your communications and make sure you aren’t overwhelming your audience with extraneous information. How? – Sample a select few with a simple survey or phone call. Let your market drive your communication and let your communication drive your market.


Do you have a lot to say? Segment your audience into 2-3+ different lists with customized messaging so recipients can get the most out of your communications. You can also try abbreviating your message and supplying alternative sources of information like linking to a full article on your website or having the recipient call a hotline.