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Journalism Degree Tops List of Most Worthless Degrees

by on ‎05-04-2011 07:21 AM (2,394 Views)

ths frightens me. mayB its b/c of all the horrible splling & grmr I C. Is it a result of R obsession w/ 140 char limits? R we now so accepting of spelling that is worse than wht my 4-year old cn do? Add 2 ths the trend in getting breaking news via twttr or Facebook, & I cn C y a Journalism degree is headed towards extinction. So, in ths ingenious, yet illiterate age, I wondered if thr is a tool out thr 2 help lobotomize my prose. Guess wht? thr IS.

I know I probably sound old at this point or maybe it's because of the marketing background that I'm sensitive to this. But recently while trying to hire someone for a job opening, I was appalled at what I saw on resumes and cover letters. Think about reading the news, or better yet, the Sage ACT! owner’s manual in a condensed method. Hmm, maybe I’ll head over to our Tech Pubs department and see if they are going to be adopting this trend in our Sage ACT! publications.

So, is social media to blame for this? Turns out, the reason a Journalism degree is considered worthless is mostly because of the horrible entry-level and middle-tenure salaries along with the decreasing number of positions available. Seems Journalism is going by the way-side the same as horticulture, child and family studies, and nutrition studies.