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Integrating E-marketing with ACT! 2011

by on ‎07-19-2010 11:06 AM - last edited on ‎08-05-2010 08:34 AM by (4,118 Views)

ACT! 2011 has a cool new feature called Smart Tasks. Smart Tasks help you manage simple tasks that you do every day.  Smart Tasks are intelligent, too, so you can combine multiple steps into a single task to keep you focused on the important things - much like a personal assistant!  Here's the best news: you can use Smart Tasks with Sage E-marketing for ACT! (the service formerly known as ACT! E-marketing) to make your personal assistant even more powerful!


Here's an example: maybe you have a regular welcome email that you send to new contacts after you add them to the database. Without Smart Tasks, you wouild have to call up the E-marketing interface, select a template, type in the subject line, choose the contact(s), and send the e-mail. With Smart Tasks, you can store the email template and subject line and then just fire the smart task whenever you need to! You can even incorporate this type of functionality into a multi-step Smart Task, so that clearing one step (for example, making a phone call) initiates the next step (send a thank you email).


There are several Smart Task samples that come with ACT! 2011 that will help you try this out. If you send certain E-marketing templates frequently, you'll want to create Smart Tasks to help you save time and effort.


Please give it a try once you have ACT! 2011, and be sure to tell us how it works for you!