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Instilling Consumer Trust - Guest Blog by Annie Cooley

by on ‎05-10-2011 11:38 AM (4,050 Views)

by Annie Cooley


In the last couple weeks I have seen several articles discussing the phishing attacks that have had happened recently. Every article I read makes me believe more and more the importance of instilling consumer trust in all entities of your business and to your costumers.

Most businesses collect and store contact and financial information in some way. When a customer provides you with their credit card to purchase your product they trust that you have privacy policy in place that will protect that information. If they don’t trust this, they simply will not provide that information. If they won’t give the information to you, you can’t sell you product. Get where I am going with this?


So what can you do to build and maintain consumer trust?


•    Stay on top of how your servers are working and identify where you could be vulnerable to an attack
•    Set guidelines and create an education program for your employees
      o Some rules to consider:
         - Rule 1: Don’t send usernames and password combinations via email
         - Rule 2: Don’t store passwords in public documents (i.e. plain text files)
         - Rule 3: Use encryption when transferring data
•    Make sure your customers know what your privacy policy is and make it available for them to access at any time
•    Be prepared in case there is a breach of security:
      o Define roles for management and your IT team so you can contain the problem immediately
      o Put together a communication plan for employees and customers so they are aware of what is going on
      o Be able to identify the breach and how to fix it in the future


What else would you add to ensure consumer trust?