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Insights 2010 Presentation: Sneak Preview of “ACT! Performance Tuning and Memory Optimization” #Insights2010

by Administrator on ‎05-17-2010 10:15 AM (4,066 Views)

For those of you who may not know, today kicks off Sage's annual partner conference, Insights 2010, in Denver, CO. 


In preparing for this event, I really wanted to give a presentation on ACT! performance and memory optimization of systems running ACT!.  In the past, many ACT! Certified Consultants (ACCs) who have attended Insights have likely seen similar presentations given by Keith Saccuci, Xavier Musy, or Bill Blakey on this topic or very similar topics. 


Whereas their presentations tended to focus on areas which can be tweaked or improved by configuration of external programs and system changes (SQL Memory Mgmt, Faster HD vs. Increased System Memory, etc.), my presentation this year will focus specifically on what can be done to change the flow and execution of the ACT! Program itself.  I  like to think of this session as the white box equivalent of the previous sessions which were more black box in nature; where they were concerned with external forces on ACT!, my presentation will dig into the actual flow of ACT!.  This session will detail which views load faster than others, how to disable views from loading in the background, and performance of all the standard plug-ins as well as how to determine the performance and effect of additional plug-ins added after initial installation. 


I hope this is something that will be useful for all the ACC’s out there.


If you're an ACC attending this year's Insights conference, here’s my session info:
ACT24: ACT! Performance Tuning and Memory Optimization


I hope to see you all there, whether you are able to attend my presentation or not.  Enjoy the conference!



on ‎05-17-2010 03:31 PM
Have you posted this to the wrong area? Or will you be kind enough to make those materials public for us that want to make ACT! faster, but are not in North America?
on ‎05-18-2010 01:53 AM
As per Mike's comment above, I am unable to attend the conference but would definitely be interested in a copy of the presentation / notes afterwards. I belong to an ACT! BP and ACC in the UK.
on ‎05-18-2010 05:11 AM

I support the above comments. Since performance has always been an important issue with ACT, all information regarding this issue is helpfull.


Please do share the presentation, if neccessary in a PM!

Kind regards,

Rene van der Velde