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I love it when a good plan comes together! #SageACT

by on ‎08-19-2010 01:31 PM (3,836 Views)

You know what I really like? When a bunch of things come together that save me time and help me run my business more effectively.


That’s one thing I really notice with Sage ACT! 2011. It brings together new functionality and two optional services for some pretty groovy synergy that has raised my personal productivity.  Call it synergivity! Or productivergy. (I want credit for these buzz words if business schools start using them . . .)



Let’s start with Sage Business Info Services for ACT!, powered by Hoover’s™.  It’s my secret source for building targeted lists of new leads that I can import directly into Sage ACT!.


Then, I set up a Smart Task in Sage ACT! that automatically reminds me to call each new lead and establish rapport. While I’m at it, I ask for an email address and obtain permission to send email to each prospect.


Once I have an email address on file, I add the new leads to my prospect drip marketing campaign in Sage E-marketing for ACT! I add them manually as I qualify each lead, but I could also create a Smart Task to add them to marketing campaigns for me. Sage E-marketing for ACT! nurtures prospects with automated emails that let them know more about our company and our products.


Once prospects are ready to talk to our sales people, we continue maintain the customer relationship with Sage ACT! 2011.


As soon as we added Sage Business Info Services for ACT! and Sage E-marketing for ACT!  subscriptions to the Smart Tasks functionality in Sage ACT!, we created an unstoppable sales machine. Leads come in one side; customers are won on the other. Everything comes together in Sage ACT! 2011.