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I bet you get asked this a lot

by on ‎05-24-2010 09:37 AM (945 Views)

Working in technical and customer support,  I often find myself at the center of technical discussions during family and social situations. I have given my opinion of wireless security serving potato salad and I have tweaked a home network printer setup between servings of lasagna and red velvet cake.

During a recent family visit, I spent a good bit of time in conversation with a relative who owns and operates a small business.  Many discussions began with “You might know the answer to this” or “I bet you get asked this a lot”.  Sometimes I did know the answers to her questions and sometimes they were questions I have been asked a lot.  One of the things my relative said that really stuck with me is, “When I am at work, I am busy running my business.  When I am away from work, I am thinking about how to run my business better.”  Her questions and concerns were the kind that she kept in the back of her mind or added to the bottom of her “To Do List” all throughout her workday.  

I was reminded of the rich online resources we have in our online community, our ACT! Knowledge Base and our Frequently Asked Questions knowledge base article.  The link for is a recently created link to the Sage Knowledge Base directly to the ACT! Family of products and provides quick access to ACT! Answers in an easy to remember web link.  The ACT! Frequently Asked Questions knowledge base article is usually in our top ten accessed articles and provides answers to common questions about ACT! Product features and solutions and ACT! services and resources.  Our online support resources are updated daily from customer and partner feedback and available anytime.

While I may not get dessert any quicker, I am comforted to know the resources of our online community, the knowledgebase and Frequently Asked Questions answers are available whenever our customers, and relatives, are considering ways to improve the success of their business.