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How to Close the Deal with a Qualified Lead - Guest Blog by Annie Cooley

by on ‎07-20-2010 10:56 AM (5,473 Views)

How to Close the Deal with a Qualified Lead

by Annie Cooley


Marketing and sales teams need to work closely together to make the sales process run as smooth as possible. The communication between the two departments needs to be fluid and part of one extended storyline.


Here are 8 ways that will get your closer to closing the deal with a qualified lead:

1.    Use several marketing touch points over time – People respond to the mediums of communication differently. With a well thought out automated marketing plan you can include email, phone calls and direct mail to catch a leads attention. Your automated marketing plan should run on a continuum to drive engagement through the buying cycle.

2.    Make it personal – An email service provider, such as Swiftpage, allows you to easily personalize your email and direct mail communications with the mail merge tool. Roachact added a comment to the last article I posted on the ACT! by Sage Journal and provided a great example of effectively using the mail merge tool. View it here.

3.    Instill value in your leads as if they were your customers – Make sure you are treating your leads as if they are your greatest customers. Let them know your attention is all theirs and demonstrate that you (and your company) cares about their needs and interests in your product/services. Treat them with respect and you can create an evangelist for your company.

4.    Take action on a lead’s requests – When you focus on a lead’s individual needs and segment your automated marketing process accordingly, you will be able to demonstrate how your products/services meet those specific requirements. This is another element of personalizing your communication.  

5.    Know the right time to pass leads to sales – When you pass leads to sales too quickly you run the risk of losing them due to not enough information or interest sparked. When you pass the leads to sales too slowly the lead may have already moved on. Tools, such as the Call List feature in Swiftpage, allow you to rank your leads depending on their interaction with an email series which provides your sales team to with the information on who to follow up with first.

6.    Inform you sales team on each lead specifically – Make sure your marketing team shares the valuable information they receive while pursuing leads. This can be through email open and click through reports and surveys. When using a CRM and email service provider together, such as ACT! E-marketing powered by Swiftpage, the reporting and survey responses can be directly written into ACT! by Sage. This assists in fluid communication between each department.  

7.    Know when to close the deal – You have a list of the most interested leads and are fully informed on their specific needs and wants from a product like yours. It’s now time to pick up the phone and start the sales conversation. Get to know the prospect and feel out the proper time to take the last step to close the deal.

8.    Think ahead – You have put your lead management process into action. What happens when you lead becomes a customer? Are you continuing to instill the benefits of your product/service to them? Create these processes together so that they are in essence one extended storyline.

We would love to hear your stories of success and lessons learned from lead management to nurturing!