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How to: Capture YouTube embed code to use on your website

by on ‎04-28-2011 03:42 PM (3,325 Views)

One of our partners asked me about embedding Sage YouTube videos in their site (we welcome and encourage this by the way!). YouTube has recently changed their interface so it can be difficult and frustrating to find this now. Although I was initially going to share this exclusively with our partner community, I figured everyone can benefit from knowing how to capture embed code. It's just a few easy steps and I hope it's helpful! By the way, don't forget to visit us on YouTube at

Capturing YouTube Embed Code

Note: Not all video posters allow you to grab the embed code for their videos.  This is an option when uploading. Browsers can vary - I've used this method in IE, Firefox and Safari with consistent results.


Step 1

Navigate to the individual or company YouTube page and click on "uploads" in the right hand navigation to view all videos uploaded to this page. Find the thumbnail of the video you're interested in adding to your site.  Right click on the video thumbnail (or link) and choose, "Open Link in New Tab". Click on the new tab opened in your browser which should have the video you chose open.



Step 2

Under the video controls, click on the "share" button, then click on the "embed" button


Step 3

Copy the embed code that is displayed in the box and paste it into your website. There are size options that you can choose if you would like. Be sure to make those changes first, and then grab the code to ensure the code reflects the options you chose.


Step 4 (optional)

YouTube recently updated their code to use iframes. If you have a website that doesn't play well with iframes, you can still capture the old style of embed code which doesn't use iframes.  To do this, click on the check box to "Use old embed code" which is located under the embed code box (see image above).