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How relevant is friendship in sales?

by on ‎11-17-2010 10:43 AM (995 Views)

Some would argue that approximately 50% of sales are made because of friendships…I contend the number is much higher! If 50% of sales are made on a friendly basis, and you haven’t made friends with a customer (or prospect), you’re missing, at least, 50% of your market!


Friends don’t need to sell friends using sales techniques. Think about it, you don’t need sales techniques when you ask a friend out, or ask for a favor – you just ask. Want to make more sales? You don’t need more sales techniques, you need more friends! Think about your best customers. How did this come about? Don’t you have great relationships with them? If you’re friends with your best customers, often times, it will eliminate the need for pricing checking, price negotiating, and delivery time demands. You can even occasionally screw up and still keep them!


AHA MOMENT – There’s another HUGE BONUS to being friends…competition is virtually eliminated! Your fiercest competitor couldn’t steal you away from a customer who is also a friend!


Most salespeople think that unless they are calling a customer to sell something that it’s a wasted call. Nothing could be further from the truth! How do you start building friendships and relationships? One-word solution…slowly! It takes time to develop a relationship and friendship.


MOMENT OF TRUTH – If you’re reading this and thinking, “I don’t have time for this relationship stuff, I’m too busy making sales,” I’m going to HIGHLY RECOMMEND you immediately stop what you’re doing and begin searching a new profession…this one won’t last much longer!


You can earn a commission using a sales technique and ultimately make a sale. However, you can earn a fortune building friendships and relationships!


You should be less concerned with why something will not work. You should be 100% laser-focused on what it will take to work…failure is not an option!