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How friendly am I?

by on ‎10-06-2010 08:56 AM (1,771 Views)

Friendly is a mindset. Temperature-check time: How warm or cold is friendly in business environment?


Friendly is a characteristic. Like all characteristics, there are varying degrees of competency.


Friendly generates revenue. It creates repeat business and customer loyalty.


If the degree of friendly in your workplace is somewhere between mild and unfriendly, here’s a reality-check question for you: What’s the relationship between friendly employees and customer loyalty? Answer: One generates the other!


This may seem rhetorical but if friendly is so crucial, then why isn’t everyone friendly? It seems so rudimentary. One overlooked cause is that people (in general) are far too serious about everything…especially leadership, and they set the tone for the rest of the team!  Is your boss friendly? Is your CEO friendly? He or she sets the tone for the entire company…executive friendliness ‘sets the bar” for all customer-facing employees!


TOP SECRET: The corporate big dogs (or small business owners) need to train employees to be friendly, and lead from the front. “Friendly” has to be an intentional action!


One final question: How friendly are you? If you’ve become disengaged, dissatisfied, and/or cynical overall, it’s time to either renew or move on! Friendly is a mindset and it’s internal.  It has absolutely nothing to do with your particular circumstances…it’s about your mental fortitude and desire to be nice to others - all the time!


AH-HA MOMENT: The value of friendly is beyond measure. It literally costs nothing, yet it’s worth a fortune! It creates (or reinforces) a company’s brand and it generates your reputation. It’s the most contagious disease known to man…catch it, and spread it.


People love to buy from their friends…how friendly are you?