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Helping readers with consistent design practices

by on ‎07-27-2011 09:03 AM (1,198 Views)

I was meeting with a person on my team the other day, and we were talking about design properties. I’ve for some time now been trying to explain some usability practices around consistent design characteristics — how using the same types of elements (e.g. one color for clickable links or buttons all the time so people know they’re clickable; size and color of font indicates relative importance; etc) can help visitors to sites and landing pages, and recipients of email know what to do with the stuff you’ve presented them, and how they can understand what’s important and how to act by simply skimming. And then on top of that, how to “interrupt” these rules a bit for hierarchical calls-to-action.


But to be honest, I think I’ve struggled a bit when I’m critiquing emails/landing pages/etc (more on being a good critiquer — is that actually a word? — later) and I’m never sure if I’m explaining it well or not.


So yesterday, I was reading through a major backlog of newsletters to try to clean up my inbox a bit, and I saw this article. Timely in that I think it does a good job (certainly better than mine) of explaining the consistency of design concept. Hope you learn a tidbit or two.