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Global Branding: Lessons from the 2014 World Cup #SmallBiz #Marketing

by Employee on ‎07-16-2014 03:07 PM (29,476 Views)

The 2014 World Cup is over.  What a remarkable exhibition of elite athleticism, (mostly) great sportsmanship, and incredible passion and pageantry on a global stage. 


Aside from great soccer, the world has new heroes and villains (biting, really?), whole nations unified in celebration or despondence, and a new generation of young fans to carry the torch for the global game.


The World Cup, like the Olympics, reminds us that we are citizens of a global community – and a global economy.  Watching the games, you couldn’t help but notice the advertising everywhere, especially the prevalence of social media as a customer engagement platform for big global brands.   


These big brands placed big bets with their advertising and branding campaigns during the event.  Extensive planning took place prior to ensure they communicated the right image and message, were culturally sensitive, and appealed to a broad range of global consumer segments.


While only a select few can afford to advertise during a global event of this magnitude, even very small businesses are well-served to consider how they present themselves publicly across borders, languages, and cultures.  Currency options on websites, language selections on phone directories, and hiring bilingual staff are just a few ways that small businesses achieve broader appeal.


How has technology “shrunk” your world in the past 5, 10, 20 years?  Are you doing anything different to expand the presence and appeal of your brand across borders, languages, and cultures?