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Gleaning Insights From Social Media Data

by on ‎01-16-2013 11:37 AM (4,664 Views)

An article by Sage ACT! senior product manager Ben Lederer is being picked up by a number of publications including IT Briefcase, Exchange Magazine and TMCNet's Call Center community. The piece coincides with the recent Sage ACT! version 15.1 upgrade that includes enhanced Social Updates functionality to help users capture insights contacts share via LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, and use familiar social features from within Sage ACT! such as creating and commenting on posts, endorsing skills and sending private messages.


Ben's article offers small and midsize businesses advice on integrating social media with contact management and CRM systems, and how to begin using social analytics. Check out his advice at one of the publication links above, and if you are using Sage ACT! with Social Updates or any social web integrations for interesting results please let us know. We're always looking for customer stories to spotlight.

on ‎01-17-2013 02:02 PM

What's important in developing interest in using ACT! as a conduit to social media is doing so in the context of small business.

As is most often the case in things CRM, it isn't about the software, it's about the process. Small business owners using ACT!, the predominant market segment for ACT!, are daily overwhelmed with diverse tasks that unfortunately marketing in general does not get the attention it deserves. Social media is another new medium to discover. Many small business owners know they need to come to grips with this new beast, but how?. SMB is a far cry from application of social channels in the corporate world where teams of people are dedicated to fine tuning their all pervasive messaging.


Success with Social Media with Sage ACT! will be largely determined not by the technical capabilities of ACT! in this area, but by how Sage ACT! educate their customers in the practical day to day use of ACT! for social media. There is a good article that delivers a reality check on what it means to be in SMB an looking to success with social media.


Graeme Leo

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