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Getting more out of your holiday correspondence.

by on ‎12-01-2010 08:46 AM (3,510 Views)

Relationships are at the very center of many businesses; vendor relationships, customer relationships, referrals, acquaintances… regardless of the type, all relationships need a bit of maintenance from time to time.   The holidays are a perfect time to reconnect with some of those relationships that haven’t had recent nurturing, a personalized short letter, or postcard is often very appreciated and doesn’t seem out of place this time of year. 


I send (and receive) quite a few holiday correspondence and here’s what stands out:


  • Images which are memorable – It’s great receiving a holiday card with a winter snowscape, but the ones I remember are the ones that tap into my interests – a bunch of electronic toys, or a beach scene (yes I remember holiday card with a beach scene from years ago), something to stand out and tap into your audiences interests (they’re already bombarded by consumer advertisement this time of year) are more effective.  I like to send different cards to different audiences – some years I segment on gender, other years on regions, and I usually segment on relationship type.  This helps make content that has a memorable impact for the target audience, rather than a generic correspondence.


  • Just a little personal – We all know holiday correspondence is form letter generated, but a little personalization (even if it’s not hand written) makes me connect with a card.  Even something simple like: “Wow, where has the last 7 months gone?”  Lets me know that the person on the other end of this relationship is invested enough to keep track of the details.  Unless you have a well-established relationship don’t get too personal, sometimes that can seem a bit uncomfortable, but just enough or a personal touch makes the correspondence memorable.


  • The unexpected – We’re conditioned to notice the new, so when building out a holiday card or letter try to add a bit of a surprise.  I received a holiday card from a vendor in Australia last year with the logo and letterhead printed upside down to the text, the first line of the letter indicated – “For our northern hemisphere customers we have rearranged the text of this page to display properly for your region…” it was a clever and unexpected and memorable enough for me to contact the vendor.  


  • Follow up – a single communication, even a memorable one, might get lost in the excitement of the season, consider sending a couple of messages or follow up right after the holidays to enjoy more of an impact.

Check out our Sage E-Marketing for ACT! offering – this is a great tool to create some very memorable e-mail and letter based offerings and check out the DRIP marketing feature to cleverly send the right follow up correspondence when your audience is ready. 


Have a great holiday season and here’s hoping you’re able to reconnect with a few old acquaintances this season!