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Getting creative with custom Smart Task steps #SageACT

by on ‎08-26-2010 11:15 AM (9,261 Views)

Recently, I attended a Sage ACT! webcast entitled, “Working Smarter with Smart Tasks in ACT! 2011.” If you weren’t able to attend, you can still see the recorded version at


I picked up a bunch of great new ideas for using Smart Tasks. One thing that I hadn’t thought about before is how much an ACT! Certified Consultant could help me accomplish. It turns out that you can insert completely custom steps within a Smart Task if you can get a little help from someone with development experience. You know—that geek you keep in the basement who drinks Dr. Pepper and mutters a lot. Just kidding! We don’t actually have a programmer on staff, but if you have an IT department, that would be a great place to grovel for some help customizing your Smart Tasks.


Another resource is the network of ACT! Certified Consultants. I will rely on them to help me create my custom Smart Task steps. If you don’t already know an ACT! Certified Consultant, you can find one at or by calling 866.903.0006.


Whether you use internal or external talent, they will develop your custom Smart Tasks using the Sage ACT! SDK (Software Development Kit). Using this kit, they can add more choices for the “Who” and “What” of your Smart Tasks. Right now, you can choose to have Smart Tasks run for Contacts or Opportunities. A custom Smart Task could also add Group or Company records.


The sky is the limit when it comes to adding new activities to your Smart Tasks. Enable any existing Sage ACT! functionality. For example, you could develop a custom step to:


  • Attach a Note
  • Generate a History
  • Create a new Opportunity
  • Update a field value

I’m really excited about developing the ability to automatically assign leads and update the Record Manager field. If I want all the new manufacturing leads assigned to Nancy, my ACT! Certified Consultant can develop a Smart Task that identifies new leads by a user-defined industry field and then updates the Record Manager field to “Nancy”. Do you assign geographic sales territories? That’s easy, too! Our custom Smart Task can run on new Opportunities and make Bob the Record Manager for all who are located in Arkansas.


What if you could create a customer in your accounting system each time you close an Opportunity in Sage ACT!? That’s also possible with custom Smart Task steps. When a Contact is added with ID/Status “Customer”, key information can be sent to another integrated system, such as Peachtree by Sage. That would really make my invoicing and billing a breeze.


My head is buzzing with possibilities! I think I need to start a wish list. . .