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Getting Started....again.

by on ‎07-11-2012 11:33 AM (1,494 Views)

Getting Started....again.


Earlier this year, we introduced the Sage ACT! Getting Started Resource Center to provide customers with quick access to useful information and tools to help when they install or upgrade Sage ACT!.   Many customers have visited the site and taken advantage of the installation guides, upgrade documents, guided tours and instructional videos.    This is also a great landing page for locating links to the Sage ACT! Knowledgebase the Sage ACT! Online Community forums. 


I was speaking to a Sage ACT! user recently and he commented that the Feature Tours were quickly his favorite resources.  He said he benefited from these tours even though he wasn’t ready to utilize all the features listed.  Thinking forward, they help him understand how to set up his database in ways that will optimize his workflow and increase the number of features he uses as his Sage ACT! skills evolve.   As he used the product to conduct his business, he would come across a need and remember a feature that might solve that need; he would then head back to the feature tours as a refresher for the feature functionality.   I was really pleased this resource site helped him “get started” more than once. 


 If you haven’t visited the Sage ACT! Getting Started Resource Center, come by and check out the resources.  If you have used the site, let us know what you think.  We update the resources based on your feedback.  Maybe there is an update that will help you with “Getting Started… again”