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Getting Social with #SageACT

by Administrator on ‎12-01-2011 02:10 PM (7,179 Views)

Getting social with #SageACT



Over the last few years the changes in online social media have been escalating faster and faster. What was primarily a tool for reconnecting with old friends has become a tool for business to help with sales, reputation management, advertising and customer support. What it means to your company or your clients may involve one or more of these areas, or even some I have not listed. Therefore, I will try to guide you through some ways of leveraging some of these capabilities though the existing version of Sage ACT! To suite your needs as you see fit.

A few years ago we added a feature to Sage ACT! called “Web Info”, this was our initial attempt at trying to help users to gather information for existing users by listing some popular websites that seemed most appropriate at the time of initial release.  Some were social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) as well as other useful contextual (contact) information like Google driving directions for current contact.  In the last year we also added some partnered websites for specific customer demands like lead generation (Hoover’s Service integration) as well as online E-marketing (Sage E-marketing for ACT!) which are available for free trials and have different levels of service at cost. Regardless, since then many new social media sites have jumped into the social market space and some may be useful for your company to use and integrate into Sage ACT!.  Therefore, when we built the web info feature we intentionally made this configurable and tried to make it as easy as possible. Still, anything new can be a challenge, so I wanted to provide you with some guidance that may help you configure your Web Info tab to fit your business needs.

First of all, you need to determine what site(s) you feel are important to you and go to that site.  For this example I will use Foursquare is for giving information about location based information – people near you, best places to eat in your area, etc.  I will now describe how I would look at integrating this within Sage ACT!.

#1. Go to the site (Login/Create account if you have not already)

#2. Search for a user or company

#3. Look at the resulting URL



In this example I used “Target”, (as in the store) and it resulted in the following:

This is quite a common search string (the ?q= is a parameterized query string), and works well for incorporating into Sage ACT! as a parameterized string (as opposed to some internal javascript routing).

Now I will add a link for searching in Foursquare whenever the “Web Info” tab is visible (and the Foursquare link I add is listed.)

#1. Go to the contacts “Web Info” – click on the “Edit List button.


#2. Add a new link – Let’s call it “Foursquare” and put in the “Base” URL for searching


#3. Go to advanced edit


#4. Select “Company” in the list on the right. This will supply the search variable to be filled in dynamically by Sage ACT!


#5.  Now let’s save (hit ok) and test it out!


Notice how it searched for “Target”, that’s because it’s the current contact’s company field “Value”.  If you move over to another record that says “Best Buy” for example, it will search for that.  (Tip: If you are logged into Foursquare and let it know (or detect) your location, it will automatically find the closest location that matches that company name.


Now you have a new link that will take the current contacts to a short list of the relevant local information for the company of the contact you are viewing.


Pretty simple!


Try some new links yourself - as a simple test, try to make another link that uses contact name as a parameter instead of company.