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Get to the (Power) Point: Become the master of your slides in 5 easy steps @LindseyWeinig #PowerPoint2013

by Employee on ‎07-21-2014 03:36 PM (29,356 Views)

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create a branded PowerPoint template for your business. In fact, it’s easier than you may think. The first step is becoming familiar with Slide Master view.


Step 1: Open a new blank PowerPoint and change your View to Slide Master

By taking just a few minutes creating a slide master, you can ensure your company is emphasizing your branding in a standardized way, and save your fellow PowerPoint users a lot of headaches. The benefit of slide masters is that you cannot edit them unless you access the slide master view. This allows you to create a template with various layout options to standardize your presentations.


Step 2: Design your main content template

This slide will be the background for all of your slides moving forward (and can’t be changed without accessing the Master View), so creating a versatile main content layout is the best use of your time. Select the larger main template at the top of the Master slide view and customize it. Use the Insert menu to add shapes, browse your computer for pictures like your logo or any other images you want to include, and update shape and background colors from the Home menu. A few things you may want to consider when creating this slide are:


  • Company logo
  • Product logo
  • Space for a slide title or headline
  • Space left for main content
  • Website URL
  • Page Numbers
  • Confidential/copyright or disclaimer text location
  • Your company’s use – digital vs. printer friendly, standard vs. widescreen slide size etc.

Step 3: Design various layouts to add variety to your presentations

Once you create your main master slide you’ll notice the design is applied to all of the slides below. Now you can customize these slides as alternative layouts for your presentations using the same design tools you did for your main master slide. Here are some layout options to consider:


  1. Title
  2. Single Presenter Bio
  3. Dual Presenter Bio
  4. Section Title
  5. Content - Open
  6. Content - Split Vertical
  7. Content - Split Horizontal
  8. Closing
  9. Printer friendly versions of all slides

Step 4: Insert placeholder sections from the Slide Master menu

Now that you have your template backgrounds designed, you can add in the placeholders for presentation content to be added. You can modify the placeholders provided, or insert new placeholders from the Slide Master Menu by selecting Insert Placeholder. Select the sections to customize their font or color. You can also standardize placeholders between slides by copy + pasting from one to the next – for example for page/slide number locations. Note: if you add text blocks instead of placeholder sections, that text cannot be editing in the Normal presentation creation view.


Step 5: Add instructions for use, save and distribute

To ensure your co-workers make the most of your newly standardized PowerPoint template, it’s helpful to return to normal view, and add slides to show all of your master slide. To do this, go to the View menu and select normal. Now right click the first slide, select Layout and add a newly designed slide to the deck, do this until all of the layouts you created are visible. Now you can save it as a PPT Template and distribute for use.


What other quick tips have you found helpful when creating presentations?