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Get S’more #ContentMarketing

by Employee on ‎06-25-2014 02:17 PM (27,675 Views)

S’more (aka “more”) leads are a good thing. You never heard a team complaining of too many leads. Like any yummy s’more, it’s a matter of how they’re prepared to give you that “ooeey-gooey-goodness”.


Most everyone would agree that a s’more should be cooked over a nice, glowing camp fire. It’s a synonym stretch (go with me here), but Content Marketing is like the camp fire required for delicious s’mores. Content is the fuel for your lead generation.


Content should:


  1. Make you stand out.
  2. Educate prospects since much of their journey, especially in B2B, is complete before he/she contacts a sales person.
  3. Convert. Convert. Convert.
  4. Inspire prospects and customers to get social with your brand.

Get started on your Content Marketing camp fire plan:


  1. Profile your target customer.
  2. Create two pieces of material that can be used in the early-stage of the buying process. The content should be educational, for instance about your industry or related industry trends.
  3. Make two pieces of material related to your offering that can be used in the mid-stage of the buying process.
  4. Lastly, create two pieces of collateral that can close. You probably have these by default, such as customer testimonials, price sheets, and product briefs.

Mush it all together and you’ve got a head-start on getting s’more.


What's your camp fire plan?