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Generating Leads with a Multi-step Drip Marketing Campaign - Guest Blog by Annie Cooley

by on ‎04-13-2010 09:20 AM (8,254 Views)

Generating Leads with a Multi-step Drip Marketing Campaign

by Annie Cooley


To all the salespeople out there, what if I told you that cold calling was not the starting point in generating new leads. What if I also told you that you could know the new lead’s level of interest in your product service before picking up the phone?


Let’s say you have generated a list of new prospects’ contact information (name, phone, email) through a white paper. What’s the drip marketing follow up process look like?


Step One:
Your first point of contact should be to thank your recipients for downloading the whitepaper via email. Swiftpage’s Autoresponder will automatically send the email once the person fills out the survey to download the paper. The email should also emphasize the benefits the whitepaper has to offer and mention (lightly) how the benefits can be extended with your products or services.


Step Two:
The second point of contact is an email providing further knowledge and benefits of your product and service. Remember to keep it in line with the content of the whitepaper so it remains relevant to the recipients. Your call to action is important in this email. Think about proper placement, graphic links and text links.


Step Three:
It is now time to generate a call list and put your sales team to work. Swiftpage’s Call List feature ranks and scores your recipients into levels of Hot, Warm or Mild. You can combine both emails sent out to be ranked. The scoring is dependent on the first time a contact clicks a link to the first time they open an email. You can also score based on subsequent links and opens that follow after.


Step Four:
Send the Call List to the appropriate sales person(s) and let them work their magic.  


Your sales team will be happy to pick up the phone to talk to the hottest leads first and those leads will be far more likely to try out your product or service.


Have fun!