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Fast Tip Friday: Viewing a Contact's Group/Company Membership #SageACT

by on ‎06-08-2012 08:25 AM (2,228 Views)

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Organizing contacts into groups or companies is a great way to efficiently manage multiple contacts, or roll up activities, histories, and other data in a centralized view. If you just want to discover which group and/or company a contacts is a member of, you may view this information on the contact detail record.



Viewing Membership:

To view whether a contact is a member of a group/company:


1. Open the contact detail view, and then click the Groups/Companies tab:



2. Groups/Subgroups and Companies/Divisions are displayed separately, so first select which you would like to view by selecting the option from the Show for: list.


3. If the current contact has been manually added as a member, the Group/Subgroup or Company/Subdivision name is displayed.


4. If the current contact has been dynamically added by creating query criteria, then you must click the Show Dynamic Membership button.



  • If you would like to add this contact to a group or company, click Add/Remove and select the appropriate Group/Subgroup or Company/Subdivision, and click OK.


  • Finally, if you would like to view additional data, click Options > Customize Columns. . . and select the columns of data to add to the view.

 Using the Groups/Companies tab, and other tabs in the contact detail view, makes it easy to access the information you need about each of your contacts!